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Chardham located 5 km from Namchi Sikkim Solofok Hills is a popular place of pilgrimage Chardham yatra by tempo traveller. Char Dham is dedicated to Lord Shiva are many interesting stories were attached Char dham yatra by tempo traveller.

It is believed that during the battle of Kurukshetra, Char dham yatra by tempo traveller , the Pandavas and the Kauravas , Arjuna worshiped Lord Shiva at the same location . So it is said that Arjun happy devotion , Lord Shiva appeared and blessings given to Arjuna . Char dham yatra by tempo traveller For this reason, the Pandavas won the battle . When Char Dham yatra is that most people do not know where these four and their abode is the significance of the trip . Uttarakhand due to recent publicity through Gangotri , Yamunotri , Kedarnath and Badrinath Chardham yatra is considered the trip to visit the four is known as a shrine visit . It must read: Why important pilgrimage ?

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Char Dham short : more number of pilgrims from Badrinath and its inhabitants in the north due to the high value of the trip , so it is also called Chota Char Dham . Tempo Traveller In addition to the small four Badrinath Kedarnath Dham ( revered Shiva ) , Yamunotri ( the cradle of the river ) and Gangotri ( the cradle of the Ganges ) are included. Tempo Traveller For Badrinath

Bdranath dham: Badrinath temple located on the summit of the Himalayas, the Hindu faith is a big center. It is one of the four pilgrimages. Badrinath temple is located on the banks of the river Alaknanda in Uttarakhand. Tempo Traveller The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Badrinath. Primitive dimension to the holy shrine of Badrinath temple is considered established and the Golden Age. Tempo Traveller Its establishment was the propriety Purushottam Ram. Badrinath Kedarnath philosophy of seeing the majesty of the former is considered.

Badrinath temple gate appeared in late April or May for the first half are open . Tempo Traveller About 6 months after the second week of November called worship and prayer walking in the temple portals are closed . Giriraj Himalaya is located on top of the country's twelve Jyothirlingalu Kedar Kedareshwar revered supreme. Tempo Traveller Kedarnath shrine and temple is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Kedarnath is around 22 thousand feet high on one side, the other side is the third side is 21 thousand and 22 thousand 600 feet high, Tempo Traveller 700 feet high bharatkund Krckund. Not only is the confluence of three mountain streams but five Yhan- Mandakini Mdhuganga, Kshirganga, Muse and Swarnguri.

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Tempo Traveller For Chardham Yatra, 7 acre Chardham fit high statue of Lord Shiva is 16. Tempo Traveller The location is the place where Lord Shiva statue is similar to Rameshwar. Tempo Traveller Not only that there are several construction Badrinath Chardham premises, Tempo Traveller for Jagannath and is similar to Dwarka. Tempo Traveller For Chardham Yatra The temple complex is divided into four parts with-the 12 revered statue of Lord Shiva, Tempo Traveller For Chardham Yatra the Char Dham, Tempo Traveller Sai Temple and Nandi Maharaj next to a statue of Kirateshwar. Ardha in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple reinforce the four stone pillars at the four corners , where is the walk around . Ardha , which is square , hollow inside and have remained relatively innovative . Tempo Traveller Auditoria is huge and gorgeous . The roof rests on four huge stone pillars . Giant ceiling is made ??of the same stone . Tempo Traveller Gwakshon evidence sculptures eight men who are very artistic .

Tempo Traveller for Rameshwaram

85 feet high, 187 feet long and 80 feet wide Kedarnath Temple. The walls are 12 feet thick and is made of extremely strong rock. Tempo Traveller The temple stands on a raised platform that is 6 feet. It is surprising that such a massive stones of the temple's appearance at a height must have been brought to Trashkr. Tempo Traveller Especially how the giant pillars placed on the roof. Interlocking stones to add to each other's technology has been used. The robustness and the technology itself has managed to keep the temple standing in the middle of the river.

The construction of the temple History : According to mythology the story of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on the Himalayan peaks of Kedar Narayan Rishi mahatapasvi and penance were male . Tempo Traveller Shiva appeared pleased with their worship and their prarthananusara jyotirlinga as always live up to provide . Tempo Traveller The site is called Kedar Nath parvataraja Himalayas is located on the Horn .

The temple was built by the Pandavas existing temple behind the first , Tempo Traveller but the brunt of the ravages of time was lost due to the temple . Later in the 8th century Adishankrachary built a new temple , Tempo Traveller which for 400 years was buried in snow .

Rahul Sankrityayan L2-l3vin century, Tempo Traveller according to the temple. Historian Dr. Shiv Prasad Dabral believe Kedarnath already been known to Shankaracharya Shaiva people even had this temple. It is believed that a thousand years continues pilgrimage to Kedarnath. Kedareshwar revered ancient temple that was built by the Pandavas. Tempo Traveller Abhimanyu was later renovated by the grandson Janamejaya.

Tempo Traveller The opening hours of the temple gate : mahaparva second day of Diwali ( Padwa ) of the day in winter temple are closed . Lamp lasts 6 months . Tempo Traveller Dandi priest honorably tails off and the Deity of Lord Ukhimath move in 6 months down the mountain . 6 months later in May to visit Kedarnath Uttarakhand begins when valves open .

Tempo Traveller 6 months no one lives in and around the temple , but surprisingly the lamp continues to burn in 6 months and continued worship place. Tempo Traveller It is a matter of surprise that the door is open so as to get the sanitation left them.

Tempo Traveller For Dwarka

Mr Ramnath owner , Rameshwaram is the major tourist destination . This is no ordinary temple , Tempo Traveller it is the example of religion and belief . Most of it has religious significance in the city . The temple of Lord Shiva is one of 12 Jyorthylingon . Tempo Traveller Lord Shiva is worshiped in all the temples . The temple of Lord Shiva is not idolatry .

The history of the temple , the temple is believed that the Pandavas had established , Tempo Traveller which was founded around the 12th century . The architecture of the temple is quite ancient marble from which it is made . Every year millions of devotees come to the temple .

Dwarka city is called in Sanskrit Dwarawati and India is one of the seven ancient cities . Tempo Traveller The city was the home of Lord Krishna . In our scriptures it is said that the only place the Char Dham (four major holy place ), and Sapta Puri ( seven holy cities) are known .

The legendary King of Mathura and his maternal uncle Kansa Snbndbgwan Krishna killed Kansa Joe was an oppressive ruler . This Yadavas between Jarasandha and Kansa's father was always hostility . Tempo Traveller To avenge the death of Kansa Jarasandha seventeen times Yadav attacked so to avoid further clashes Lord Krishna his Yadava community took on Mount Girnar in Gujarat or Saurashtra .